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Preconstruction and Project Management Services

Undertaking a project is a high risk venture. Our approach is driven by the principles and concepts of effective Risk Management

Preconstruction Management ServicesRemcor provides comprehensive Project Management services encompassing both the Preconstruction and Construction phases of a project.

Many years of experience has taught us that one of the fundamental keys to a successful project is to get it right from the start. We believe that the Preconstruction Phase of any project is critically important to its success. When managed effectively it will make for a smooth and efficient transition into the Construction Phase of the project and minimize the risk of unwelcome surprises further down the road.

All projects are different and each client unique. At Remcor, we utilize an integrated, facilitative, and flexible team approach that enables our clients to have the level of control and involvement they desire.

Project Management and successful delivery of a project is very much a team effort, and Remcor’s extensive experience in leading and managing multi-disciplinary project teams enables us to provide realistic and effective solutions that ensure the project is completed on time and on budget.

As undertaking a project can be a risky venture, our approach is firmly rooted in the principles and concepts of risk management.

Acting on behalf of and working closely with the client, Remcor takes responsibility for managing and coordinating the project team including consultants, contractors and advisors ensuring the Preconstruction and Construction Phases progress in alignment with the client’s cost, schedule and quality criteria.

Throughout both the Preconstruction and Construction Phases, working collaboratively with the client and the project team, we analyse, assess, monitor and manage several key factors that can significantly impact the project;

  • Project Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Construction Logistics
  • Constructability
  • Schedule
  • Cost Management
  • Design Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Value Analysis
  • Change Management
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Project Turnover and Close Out


Simply put, Remcor’s objective through this process is the optimization of design, cost and schedule, minimizing risk and avoiding exposure to schedule delays and cost overruns.

At the clients’ option Remcor offer Preconstruction Services and Project Management Services either as a combined service offering or each as separate, standalone services.

Tell Us About Your project

Take the first step towards informed decisions and profitability.

Tell Us About Your project

Take the first step towards informed decisions and profitability.